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Leadership Consulting

At present the life time cycles have become shorter and the changes faster therefore the ability of an organisation to continuously adapt and handle transformations professionally has become vital. This is where leadership consulting comes in.

Leadership Consulting at NMC-Nijsse & Partners is a person oriented professional training which encourages and
empowers executive managers to excel in their performance.

We support Executives to challenge their values,  strategic focus and approach in order to boost and develop their performance, agility in an authentic, self-determined and sustainable manner. We tailor our consulting and training according to the individual needs of each person, we enhance strengths and balance weaknesses.
We raise the awareness of the whole picture, sharpen strategic capabilities and prepare for future challenges.

NMC-Nijsse's Leadership Consulting empowers and accompanies Executives on their career path to becoming pivotal and successful Executives in their corporation.

Our Experience and our Know-How

For over 10 years NMC-Nijsse Frankfurt advises, accompanies and supports Senior Executives and potential Executive Managers in their professional and personal development.

Our leadership consulting programme is focussed on:

• Meticulous scrutiny of the individual personality, behaviour and leadership skills
• Constant exchange of views and ideas with HR experts and academics
• Continuous professional development and qualified training of our Senior Consultants

Our Approach

Identification of  the status quo

Individual strengths and weaknesses are being assessed jointly with the Senior Consultant in the professional and personal framework

• Development of potential both professional and personal
• Boost the job contentment and increase performance
• It is our goal to optimise the professional and personal standing of the executive

The role of the Senior Consultant

• Independent sparring partner, who gives unbiased and differentiated feedback
• Behavioural patterns are deliberated, know-how is analysed, the state of development defined
• Alternate behavioural patterns are developed and trained, skills systematically widened
• Continuous self-reflection


Ludwig Darmstädter
Competence areas:
Leadership Consulting on Executive Level
Management Team-Consulting
Change Management: Consulting and Implementation Monitoring
Leadership and Behaviour in professional areas of conflict
Personality Development
Self-management: Setting and achieving goals
Email: l.darmstaedter@nmc-frankfurt.de 

“The personality of the candidate is the differentiating factor”