NMC-Nijsse Amsterdam Office

Over the years Nijsse Executive Search were trusted business partners in consultancy issues, such as screening a department or organisation, solving succession problems or HR challenges.

The ability to successfully fulfill executive positions is based upon the profound understanding of the company, its structures, processes and procedures. In depth analysis of a client and his position in the market lead us to comprehensive and detailed insights of the company’s requirements and to the profile of the ideal candidate.

Discretion and confidence are the keys  to our successful collaboration with our clients and candidates. Thorough analysis and identification of potential candidates lead to a systematic approach of relevant market segments.

Executive Search

Nijsse Executive Search has a successful track record with industrial, commercial, financial companies and semi-government organisations in Europe. The only goal is to provide our clients with a truly exceptional candidate for a senior management or board member position. Our competitive strength is our proven ability to identify potential candidates, who are uniquely well-suited to provide significant improvements to our clients’ business.

Competent executive search is a matter of diligence, trust and discretion. Elaborate and confidential dialogues between a candidate and one of our client-partners are fundamental to the successful filling of executive positions in a comprehensive and exhaustive manner. In all cross-national projects with multi-country search, Nijsse Executive Search has the responsibility of all process phases. 

“The personality of the candidate is the differentiating factor”