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Executive Search: Focus on successful top- and senior management

NMC Group enjoys an unrivalled reputation in high quality executive search. We have a highly successful track record with blue chip organisations. Our goal is to provide our clients with truly exceptional candidates for each position identified. Our competitive strength is our proven ability to identify candidates who are uniquely well-suited to provide significant improvements to our client's business.

The Senior Consultants at NMC Group have all previously held positions at senior management level. They possess the expertise necessary to understand a client's business and the kind of person who is likely to make the best contribution to it. Through well-developed techniques, they are able to find the candidate who will be the most effective. The basic philosophy of NMC Group: "The personality of a candidate is at least as important as his/her qualifications and experience."

At this moment, NMC Group is looking for a new partner in the Milan market. In the meantime, assignments are handled by our consultants in the Continental Offices in joint effort with top-class local executive search offices in Italy.

“The personality is the differentiating factor”
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