NMC-Nijsse's Leadership Consulting

At present the time cycles have become shorter and the changes faster therefore the ability of an organisation to continuously adapt and handle transformation professionally has become vital. This is where leadership consulting comes in. 

Leadership Consulting at NMC-Nijsse & Partners is a person oriented professional training which encourages and empowers Executive Managers to excel in their performance.

We support Executives to challenge their values,  strategic focus and approach, in order to boost and develop their performance, agility in an authentic, self-determined and sustainable manner. We tailor our consulting and training according to the individual needs of each person, we enhance strengths and balance weaknesses.
We raise the awareness of the whole picture, sharpen strategic capabilities and prepare for future challenges.

NMC-Nijsse's Leadership Consulting empowers and accompanies Executives on their career path to becoming pivotal and successful Leaders in their corporation. NMC Frankfurt was founded in 1994 as a Management Consulting Company; it is part of the European Group NMC-Nijsse & Partners since 1998.

At NMC Frankfurt we have continuously extended our Consulting activities and striving for Excellence. We value very much our clients trust and esteem.

Our Consulting Expertise actively supports the focus on opportunities, strategic alliances and agility with the intention to support companies in their quest for excellence.

We focus our clients efforts to
· Identify opportunities and prospects
· Form strategic alliances
· Use digitization to optimize processes
· Advise decision makers and organizations on structures and processes
· Establish agile management and organisational structures – find the appropriate response to rapidly changing technologies and markets

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