NMC-Nijsse Milan Office

Our Approach

It all starts with understanding the client and his needs

To successfully fill a vacant position, detailed knowledge of the company, its structure and processes and of the employees – our business partners – are vital. We gather this information during intensive and continuous communication with our client. Through an accurate analysis of the company and the position, we are able to gain a comprehensive and precise idea of what the company requires from the ideal candidate.

Successful cooperation is always transparent
Our thoroughness in identifying potential candidates stems from a systematic analysis of the respective market segment. Our clients are provided with a regular and meaningful status report. Our professional approach, methodology and the work processes of our project teams are comprehensible and transparent to our clients throughout the entire process of search and selection.

Executive Search

Executive SearchCompetent executive search is a matter of thoroughness and trustIn-depth and, naturally, confidential interviews between the candidate and the consultant are a matter of course to us. During these interviews, we focus on the personality of the candidate. In order to gain an insight into the candidate´s personality, we use the Extended DISC ®, an effective evaluation Methodology, the outcome of which we take into account in addition to professional and factual data and the candidate’s experience. Our selection method provides a detailed analysis of mental, rational and emotional character traits. After the selection process, we present suitable candidates to our clients. The client will receive an extensive and in-depth candidate profile with a detailed candidate assessment.


Evaluation of the Status Quo
Individual strengths and weaknesses in a job-related and personal context will be handled together with the ExecutiveGoal: Optimization of the positioning and strengthening of the personality

Development of professional and personal potentials

Joy at work = increased efficiency

The Role of the Senior ConsultantIndependent sparring partner, providing impartial and differentiated feedback

Development and training of behavioural alternatives. Competencies will be strengthened systematically

Continuous self-reflection


The experience developed in the Assessment area allow us to provide with high quality and reliable services, not only based on competence but also on the Extended DISC® model.The Individual Assessments are in our approach also self-assessments that identify the strengths and development areas of an individual. What makes Extended DISC® different from other assessments is that it is able to measure the hard-wired behaviours to exclude the impact of the environment.In practice this means that the result shows who the individual actually is and now what the person thinks he/she needs to be in the existing environment. As a result our global report identifies the true strengths and development areas to allow for real performance improvement of for Career Consulting.

“The personality of the candidate is the differentiating factor”